Our local honeybee producers deliver nucs from mid-May through June.

Each nuc is a 4-frame starter colony with an Ontario queen.

How Does The Nuc Process Work?

Getting on the list

Looking to start a new hobby or grow your current apiary? Get on our list of fellow bee enthusiasts looking to purchase honeybee nucs.

Getting the call

The nucs are on their way! When the pick-up day was been confirmed with our supplier we will give you a call with all of the important details you need to get your nuc.

Getting the nuc

When the day arrives you will stop by Cleary Feed & Seed to pick up your nucs during the designated pick-up window. No extra supplies are needed for pickup as the bees are sealed for your protection.

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Honeybee Nuc

$260.00 CAD

Next Delivery Date: TBD

What's Next?

Installing a Honeybee Nuc

Now that you've transported your bees to their new home it's time to install them into your hive.

This part of the process is time sensitive as the nuc is meant to be a temporary home. If you are not able to install your nuc right away be sure to place them in a well ventilated and shady location.

When you are ready to install your bees, take the lid and the inner cover off from your hive and remove the same amount of frames from your hive that your nuc contains.

Carefully lift out each nuc frame and transfer them to the hive, making sure not to hit it against the side of the box or the next frame. Remember, the queen can be anywhere in the nuc, so you want to proceed with caution at all times.

Once all of the frames are removed there will be quite a few bees left inside on the walls of the nuc; just take a look around and make sure that you don't see the queen. If she is still in the nuc help carefully transport the queen to the new hive. Any bees left in the nuc can be gently shook out of the nuc onto the top of the hive.

Lastly, take the nuc away from the hive area so the bees will not return to it.

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