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  • Sku: 7MTAPIVAR10
  • Brand: Apivar
  • Type: Pest Control

Apivar Strips

$49.99 CAD

Product Description

Apivar is the only Amitraz-based apiary product that treats successive generations of Varroa mites, reducing the mite population in the hive by up to 99% in one application. This 10-strip pack is perfect for the hobbyist beekeeper.

  • Two strips per brood chamber
  • Not temperature-dependent
  • 6-8 week treatment period

Apivar is a contact miticide, meaning it works when the bees come in contact with the impregnated polymer strip and distribute the miticide by contact with other bees within the hive.

Directions for Use

It is recommended to treat all colonies with the same yard at the same time to prevent reinfestation. Leave the strips in place for at least 6 weeks before removing them. Apivar is not recommended for use while honey supers are on the hive.


Active ingredient: Amitraz 3.3%

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