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  • Sku: 034-EJ
  • Brand: Kentucky Performance Products

Equi-Jewel Rice Bran

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Life Stages: Performance horses, lactating mares, hard keepers, and aged horses.

Product Description

Adds calories to a ration to avoid excessive grain intake.

Horses in various life stages can benefit from the calories afforded in Equi-Jewel. This product may be particularly useful for intensely worked performance horses, lactating mares, hard keepers, and aged horses because these horses typically have energy requirements above those of ordinary horses.

The pellet allows for quick mixing with a concentrate and makes it more difficult for horses to sort the pellets from other components of a concentrate.

Nutritional Analysis:
Crude Protein Min. 12.50 %
Crude Fat Min. 20.00 %
Crude Fibre Max. 13.00 %
Phosphorus Min. 1.75 %
Free Fatty Acid Max. 4.00 %
Calcium Min. 1.75 % Max. 2.25 %


Stabilized rice bran, calcium carbonate

Directions for Use

Feed one to two pounds daily.

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