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  • Sku: 960025
  • Brand: Generic
  • Type: Pest Control

Disposable Small Hive Beetle Trap

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Product Description

Save yourself the cleanup with this chemical free, disposable beetle trap. Simply place two traps at the top of the brood chamber, between the outer frames, then monitor for small hive beetles and increase traps if you notice a heavy infestation.

Directions for Use

Fill the traps with 25ml of food-grade oil. Insert traps between the outer frames of the top box. Monitor to see if small hive beetles are present (filled traps may be disposed and replaced adding more traps as needed)

With a quick rinse with a garden hose, you can get several uses out of this disposable beetle trap.


The beetle traps are attractants for small hive beetles. Unlike Japanese Hive Beetle traps, these DO NOT contain pheromone attractants.

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