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  • Sku: 250686
  • Brand: Masterfeeds
  • Type: Feed & Nutrition

Duck & Goose Starter 20%

25.0 kg
$24.00 CAD
Life Stages: Starter
Complete and balanced - encourages optimum growth and performance while minimizing the need for other supplements.
Separate products for different life stages - specific diets for starting ducklings help to provide the correct nutrition and maximize growth.

Product Description

Masterfeeds Heritage 20% All Vegetable Protein Duck & Goose Starter (crumble) is a nutrient dense, carefully balanced diet for starting and growing ducklings. Formulated using the latest technology to promote strong growth and development. Wholesome grains and all vegetable proteins are balanced with minerals and vitamins for a healthy and productive farm flock.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein (minimum) 20.0%
  • Crude Fat (minimum) 2.5%
  • Crude Fibre (maximum) 6.0%
  • Calcium (actual) 1.1%
  • Phosphorus (actual) 0.7%
  • Sodium (actual) 0.18%
  • Vitamin A (minimum) 10,500 IU/kg
  • Vitamin D (minimum) 3,500 IU/kg
  • Vitamin E (minimum) 30 IU/kg

This feed contains added selenium at 0.3 mg/kg.

Directions for Use

Feed 2 kg per bird from one day old to the end of the 4th week of age.


Poultry should have access to clean, fresh water at all times. When starting dayold birds or after moving or transporting birds, give access to water before putting feed in the feeders.

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