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  • Sku: 990972
  • Brand: McIntosh Pro Line
  • Type: Feed & Nutrition

Emergency 911 Paste

$31.25 CAD

Product Description

Unlike typical “probiotic pastes”, 911 Emergency provides a broad-spectrum complex of beneficial direct-fed microbial and yeast cultures in a unique, bioenergetic base of fermentation products and specially engineered yeast extract rich in glucomannans (GM) and mannanoligosacharides (MOS). With its global replenishment of the full array of ingredients needed by healthy colonies, 911 Emergency produces much faster results for animals of all ages. We guarantee that 911 Emergency is the fastest microbial support system in the marketplace for the immediate care of all classes of animals.

911 Emergency is designed to immediately treat the symptoms of scours, gut ache, stress, heat exhaustion, dehydration, and exposure to moldy hay or forage. For the prevention and treatment of diarrhea, and conditions associated with digestive upset. First aid during colic episodes prior to professional diagnosis and treatment. 911 Emergency is a must to have on hand for those Emergency situations. Include a tube of 911 Emergency Paste in your first aid kit.

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