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  • Sku: 932257
  • Brand: Formic Pro
  • Type: Pest Control

Formic Pro

$184.95 CAD

Product Description

FORMIC PRO™ causes mortality to both male and female varroa under the brood cap as well as to the varroa on the adult bees. FORMIC PRO™ is to be used as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program.

FORMIC PRO™ is an extended shelf life formulation (24-months) and doesn’t require any temperature controlled storage

FORMIC PRO™ has an 83-97% efficacy and kills mites under the cap.

Directions for Use

Formic Pro is ready to use. No mixing required. There are two treatment options when local thresholds are met:

Option One: 2 strips for 14 days.

Option Two: 1st strip for 10 days remove and replace with 2nd strip for an additional 10 days.

See packaging for details.


Formic Pro strips are made from all natural biodegradable materials and can be composted.

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