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  • Brand: Frey's Hatchery

Frey's Special Dual Purpose

$3.65 CAD
Slow Growth Meat Breed

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Product Description

This breed is a combination of some of the heaviest dual purpose breeds still in existence. It was developed for those who want a hardy, healthy chicken with firm and flavourful meat. Mortality is very low in this breed, and weak legs and heart attacks are almost unheard of.

The females are a rusty red in colour and are generally quiet, but they are not recommended for growers wanting high egg production. The females will grow to approximately 5-6 lbs. live weight at about 15 weeks. As females approach maturity (15–20 weeks), they tend to put on fat, so if larger-size females are desired, we suggest a diet lower in protein and energy. Females between 10-14 weeks old are a favourite of the Asian community.

The males are white and may have dark markings on their backs. Males will be 7 to 8 lbs. live weight at 15 weeks.

These birds can take up to 13 kgs of feed to reach 15 weeks old.

As males mature they can have a tendency to fight and so keeping the ratio of males to females at 1 to 10 or lower will help. If you raise only males and want to keep them to an older age you can try darkening the pen and beak trimming.

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