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  • Brand: Purina

Gold'n Gamebird & Turkey Starter - Non Medicated

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Life Stages: Broilers, Pullets, Turkeys, Ducks

Product Description


Made with carefully sourced ingredients along with vitamins, organic trace minerals, essential oils, and amino acids so your flock can flourish.

Ideal for Gamebirds, Turkeys, Quails, and Pheasants.

  • Organic trace minerals support feather growth and eggshell strength.
  • Postbiotic and prebiotic support gut health, optimizing digestion and nutrient absorption for better performance.
  • Higher nutrient absorption to promote healthy egg weight and size.
  • Quillaia extract aid in the control of manure odour.
  • Multi-purpose formula meets the needs of a mixed flock.
  • In crumble form for easy consumption by small poultry.


Directions for Use

Feed Gold’n Game Bird Plus as the sole diet beginning at day one to eight weeks of age.

For turkey poults: Feed Gold’N Game Bird Plus as the sole diet from day 1 to 4 weeks of age.

Don’t let feeders run empty.
Clean feeders and waterers regularly.
Provide fresh, clean water at all times.

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