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  • Sku: FAL-SEAW1
  • Brand: Falling Leaf
  • Type: Fertilizer

Liquid Seaweed Extract 1-2-5

1.0 kg
$12.99 CAD

Product Description

Seaweed extract is water soluable and suitable for use in conventional liquid foliar and irrigation water applications. Seaweed has been used for centureis as a rich, non polluting source of natural organic minerals. Seaweed contains trace minerals and nutrients a plantneeds for healthy growthand can be used to increase harvested fruits and vegetables, protects from frost. and pests and helps in plant germination.

Directions for use/Mixing instructions

- Shake well.
- House plants, flowering, vegetables and hanging baskets - 15ml/L water
- Berry crops, fruit trees, vines - 30ml/L water
- Apply whenever plant requires water.

Directions for Use

See packaging for details.

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