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  • Sku: 011648
  • Brand: GROW!T
  • Type: Lawn & Garden Care

Loose Coco Coir (1.5 cubic feet)

$20.00 CAD

Product Description

GROW!T Loose Coco Coir is a natural hydroponic medium without any additional substrates. This 100% coco coir is processed and manufactured under strict quality standards. GROW!T Loose Coco Coir is washed and buffered to displace sodium and achieve extra-low ppm/EC levels, so you can apply nutrients and supplements the same day you plant. Its low EC and stable pH make this coir such a supreme soilless medium that, based on our testing, we believe it is one of the best loose coco coir products on the market today.

50L, Peat-Free

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