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  • Sku: 900162
  • Brand: Purina

Purinature Medicated Start & Grow

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Life Stages: Chicks, Pullets

Product Description

A 20% protein starter/grower feed for birds raised for meat or laying hens.

Medicated with Amprolium to aid in the prevention of Coccidiosis.

Age of chickens (weeks)

Level drug (mg/kg)

0 – 5


5 – 9

125 – 180

9 – 14


Pullets: feed as the sole ration from 1 day of age to 42 days of age.
Meat birds: feed as the sole ration from 1 day of sage to 28 days of age.

Directions for Use

Feed this medicated feed as the sole ration up to 14 weeks of age.

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