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  • Sku: 933780
  • Brand: General Seed Company
  • Type: Crop Management

Nitro Seasonal Cocktail

$75.00 CAD

Product Description

These time-tested cover-crop mixtures are designed for different cropping rotations. Some mixtures are created for soybeans to be planted the next year while others are designed for corn the following year. The cocktail mixtures are designed with some overwintering legume varieties for quick nitrogen fixation for the following spring.

33% Oats
2% Sun Hemp
4% Nitro Radish™
5% Faba Beans
2% Turnips
7% TNT Brand Hairy Vetch
2% Pearl Millet
10% Crimson Clover
2% Sorghum Sudangrass
5% Berseem Clover
1% Phacelia
15% Austrian Winter Peas
2% Sunflowers
10% Forage Peas

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