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  • Sku: 945665
  • Brand: Peckstone
  • Type: Feed & Nutrition

Poultry Peckstone Tub

$44.99 CAD
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Product Description

PECKStone is a unique enrichment tool designed specifically to prevent and reduce abnormal pecking behavior — superior to other poultry pecking blocks.

  • Provides an effective chicken pecking block target — redirects aggressive pecking behavior to prevent poultry cannibalism.
  • Supports beak conditioning as it can be used in conjunction with beak trimming or as a tool to aid natural beak conditioning where trimming is not employed.
  • Enhances animal welfare.
  • Durable yet destructible — the ideal pecking target.
  • All natural and organic.
  • Vital salts and minerals incorporated, but no impact to overall nutrition/diet.
  • Easy to incorporate into any operation.
  • Available for any poultry operation: backyard or commercial flock, layers, pullets, broilers, breeders, and turkeys.
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