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  • Sku: 022-6051C5
  • Brand: Purina

Gold'n Harvest Crumble 18%

$23.75 CAD
Life Stages: Grower

Product Description

A complete crumble ration formulated for growing broiler and roaster chickens. This is a high performance feed for quick growth (chickens and turkeys). Formulated with all vegetable proteins and fats. Non-medicated. Contains Ultra XPC with pre & pro biotics.

Nutritional Analysis:
Crude Protein Min. 18.0 %
Crude Fat Min. 3.00 %
Crude Fibre Max. 5.00 %
Calcium Actual 1.00 %
Phosphorus Actual 0.70 %
Sodium Actual 0.16 %
Vitamin A Min. 9000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 Min. 2520 IU/kg
Vitamin E Min. 27 IU/kg
Selenium 0.30 mg/kg

Directions for Use

Broilers: Feed to broiler chickens and turkeys as the sole ration from day 1 to market or feed as the sole ration from day 22 to market after using Gold’N start and grow for the first 21 days.
Turkeys: Feed to turkeys from 70 days of age to market.
Ducks: Feed to ducks from 29 days of age to market.

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