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  • Brand: Willows-Agriservice

Willows Scratch Grain

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Product Description

Hen Scratch:

Feed this grain supplement to chickens, turkeys and other poultry as part of a complete diet. Feed as a treat and to encourage natural pecking. Limit scratch to 10% of total diet. Poultry should have access to clean fresh water at all times.


Use only as directed. Do not use as a sole diet. This feed contains no added protein, vitamins, or minerals and is not a complete feed. Over feeding will reduce the feed intake of complete feeds and reduce the bird's protein intake. A complete feed is necessary to meet a birds nutritional needs in all stages of life (Starter, Grower, Layer).

Nutritional Information:
Crude Protein (min): 10.3%
Crude Fat (min): 4.1%
Crude Fibre (max): 4.6%
Grit (max) 0.01%


Corn, Barley, Wheat, Poultry Grit, Soya oil.

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