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  • Sku: 322
  • Brand: Farnam
  • Type: Grooming, Care & Supplies

Slick N' Easy Grooming Block

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Product Description

Slick 'N Easy Grooming Block™ by Farnam removes loose hair, dust and dirt, leaving the horse's coat slicker, shinier and softer in minutes. Helps shed out horses and pulls out the natural oils in the coat. Each fiberglass grooming block grooms 10-12 horses. 1 package contains 1 x 35g Slick 'N Easy grooming block.

Directions for Use

Remove wrapper and hold Slick 'N Easy Horse Grooming Block by one of its long edges. Scrape the horse's coat vigorously in short, rapid strokes with the other long edge. Scrape in the same direction as the hair grows. After several uses, your Slick 'N Easy Horse Grooming Block will develop rounded edges. To restore a sharp edge, rub the long edge on concrete (flat sidewalk, block wall) or any similar abrasive surface. Repeat as necessary.

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