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Sodium Bicarbonate

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Product Description

Sodium Bicarbonate supports lactating cow performance when high-energy ration formulations often limit animals from generating enough natural buffer, causing excess acid to build up in the rumen. Its buffering capabilities help stabilize rumen acids and increase ration DCAD.

You can count on Sodium Bicarbonate to:

  • Support feed intake by reducing the acid load in the rumen
  • Support normal milk fat production by allowing normal rumen function
  • Increases DCAD by supplying sodium without the negative effects of chloride
  • Incorporate easily into rations—can be fed free choice, top dressed or within a TMR

Directions for Use

Feed at a rate of 1.5 percent of the grain ration (30 lbs per ton) or 0.75 percent (15 lbs per ton) of total dairy ration on a dry matter basis. An alternate approach would be to feed 0.8 ounce for each 10 lbs of milk produced.


Sodium bicarbonate contains not less than 99.0 percent sodium bicarbonate. Feed grade bicarbonate is intended for agricultural uses only.

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