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  • Sku: 901992
  • Brand: Pure Bedding
  • Type: Bedding & Housing

Pure-Bedding Shredded Paper

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$7.75 CAD
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Product Description

This litter is designed to improve the quality of horses' life and other large farm animals. Its soft texture and very high absorption capacity keep the horse drier while providing a comfortable resting place.

  • Paper litter dust-free and ultra-absorbent
  • Absorption power five times higher than wood shavings
  • Food grade paper, contains no toxic products
  • Its high absorption capacity keeps your pet drier and helps reduce "fork rot" problems.
  • Reduces ammonia odors
  • Its fine and light texture can reduce the volume of the manure pile by 50% and compost more quickly.

Bulk Information

Get an 8% discount when you buy a pallet of 48 bales or more; delivery available for $34+HST.

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