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  • Sku: 500040
  • Brand: Generic
  • Type: Feed & Nutrition

Sweet 45 Lite Dry Molasses

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Product Description

Sweet 45 is a combination of molasses and dried sugar beet pulp to make a high-energy, nutritive sweetener

Added to daily feed formulas Sweet 45 gives your animals and poultry the sugar and nutrients they need for vitality, health, and productiveness. It makes feed more appetizing.

Nutritional Analysis:
Total Sugars, as invert Min. 38.0 %
Crude Protein Min. 4.0 %
Fat Min. 0.1 %
Fibre Max. 24.0 %
Acid Detergent Fibre Max. 23.0 %
Moisture Max. 6.0 %


Beet Molasses, Cane Molasses, Roughage Products

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