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  • Brand: BioVet
  • Type: Pest Control

Thymovar Strips

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Product Description

Thymovar is an organic, slow release treatment that contains thymol and is used for control of varroa mites. Thymovar is well tolerated by bees and queens and easy to apply for long-term protection. Thymovar is recommended for use after the Fall honey harvest. 
With use, an increase in varroa mite drop will be observed after two days. Due to the long duration of the treatment Varroa mites hidden in sealed cells will be reached and exposed to the thymol vapours as soon as they emerge with newly hatched bees.

Thymovar is sold in 10 strips per package.

Directions for Use

To use, remove the honey frames for harvest. Provide the bees with enough food for the treatment duration of 4 weeks. Thymovar strips will be cut or broken in two pieces for easy placement. Best results are seen at temperatures of 20°C to 25°C and a distance of the strips to the brood cells of 4 to 10 cm. It is recommended to start with a reduced dose when temperatures of; +30°C are expected in the first 3 days of the treatment and complete the dosage after three days to one week. Leave 1 to 2 cm space over the strips to allow good evaporation of the active thymol. Remove the used strips after 3 to 4 weeks. After a pause of one week for replenishing of the food you begin the second treatment. For further instructions, please see package details included with product.


As this product contains thymol it cannot be used when honey supers are on for human consumption.

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