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  • Sku: 933490
  • Brand: Top-Bedding
  • Type: Bedding & Housing

Equine Wood Pellets

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Product Description

Top-Bedding Softwood Bedding Pellets are 100% pure northern pine pellets which naturally reduce odours and make mucking a quick and easy task. This dust-free option absorbs four times its' weight in liquid. Comes in a plastic bag without staples.

Everything you need, in pellet form:

  • Suppresses odours
  • Dust-free
  • High absorbency
  • Easy mucking, sifting
  • Low manure result
  • 100% natural

The pellets clump to absorb three times their weight in liquid, so you can easily sift through the bedding to discard only what is spoiled. Bedding pellets will also prevent a damp stall floor to control diseases such as thrush or mud fever. You will have less manure, and an odourless compost to use as fertilizer.

Horses, cats, and other animals will enjoy a soft, cool bedding that doesn’t cling to them. You will enjoy the low price, ease of use, and peace of mind from these pellets.

Directions for Use

1. Pour one 35 lb bag of Softwood Bedding Pellets into a wheelbarrow.

2. Pour about 20 litres or 5 gallons of water (a large bucket) on the bedding pellets to expand the pellets into soft bedding.

Why add water?
Adding water to the pellets actually increases the absorbency. The pellets expand into smaller particles and create a larger surface area to absorb fluids. An entire 40 lb bag can absorb about 47 litres or 12.5 gallons of liquid.

3. Stir the pellets in the wheelbarrow with a shovel to ensure the soften. Wait three to five minutes in the summer, five to ten minutes in the winter for full expansion. You can also use hot water in the winter to speed up the process.

4. Check to make sure the pellets have absorbed all the water. You will notice the pellets have expanded and become "crumbly".

5. Dump the wheelbarrow in the stall, spreading around the bedding with a bedding fork.

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