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  • Sku: G62148A
  • Brand: Gallagher

Turbo Braid 7/64"

$19.99 CAD
In stock!
Bonus 328 Feet!

Product Description

The best power fence braid in portable electric fencing and permanent offset electric fence.

Made from 9 mixed metal, braided strands of highly conductive materials, Gallagher's Turbo Braid has 48 times more conductivity than other regular Poly Braids. Get superior stock control on your fence line where reliable power is required. Built to be dependable, super-conductive, long lasting and highly portable, Turbo Braid will not disappoint. This braid is also highly visible, attractive and is easy to rewind. Its construction handles well with fewer tangles.

Try it today and see just how much further it will carry a "shock" down your fence line than regular Poly Wire and Braid options!

COMBO ROLL: 1,312' + 328' FREE

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