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  • Sku: 977382
  • Brand: Udder Comfort
  • Type: Livestock Management

Udder Comfort

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Product Description

Experience the ultimate in udder care with our range of lotions and sprays. The Blue formula, available in both lotion and sprayable formats, offers unparalleled convenience and effectiveness. Designed to hang effortlessly from your milking line, the Blue solution retains its vibrant hue, ensuring easy tracking between milkings.

For a more natural approach, the White Lotion combines a blend of essential oils to nurture and calm udders post-milking or calving. With its clear drying feature, this lotion is a must-have for gentle aftercare.

Embrace organic practices with the Yellow Spray, uniquely formulated with tumeric for a distinctive yellow tint. Perfect for breeder herds and show cattle, this spray seamlessly blends with the udder's natural color, enhancing its appeal.

Whether you prefer the convenience of a spray or the traditional application of a lotion, Udder Comfort products cater to all your livestock needs. Elevate your udder care routine with our specialized solutions that prioritize efficiency, ease of use, and natural ingredients.

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